There’s a chance you’re reading this on a public Wi-Fi network, being completely unprotected to dangers from people wanting to do your computer serious harm. You should use a VPN.

Even though they are widely promoted, not enough people use them yet. At TNW, we actively support everyone on our team to be conscious about their digital security. That means everyone is encouraged to use 2-factor authentication for their apps, offer 1Password licenses to secure our data and offer VPNs for when employees are working out of office.

Is it easy to add and remove?

Cloak, one of our favorite VPNs, today solved a big problem — it’s now possible to share an account with your work team. Once you create your Cloak Team, it’s easy to add and remove colleagues and you get a 20% discount compared to creating seperate accounts for every user.

Also, it means you don’t have to deal with your employees possibly being breached because they didn’t use a VPN — if it’s free for them there’s no reason not to use it.


Besides that, the company announced the effect of recently joining StackPath — a new, blazing fast global network of servers. Consider us excited.


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