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How to watch Formula 1 with Sky Sports in the 2017 season

Written by Kamil Arli

The Express.co reported that SKY Q is the main place to watch Formula One 2017 this season, but there could be one major problem.

Formula One finally returns to our screens after the long winter break with this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

The 2017 F1 season brings a whole new level of unpredictability, with new regulations and car design leading to excited uncertainty about whether Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton can finally be toppled after dominating recent years.

Sky is the main place to watch Formula One in the UK this year, with live coverage of every race, practice session and qualifying.

However it now seems that anyone looking to keep up with all the latest action on Sky may face a major issue.

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The new service provides a level of detail like nothing ever seen before

Earlier this week, Sky announced that it would be broadcasting the entire F1 season in Ultra HD 4K resolution.

With four times the definition of normal HD video, the new service provides a level of detail like nothing ever seen before.

However if you’re keen to watch every session of this weekend’s Grand Prix in 4K resolution, you’ll need to come prepared with increased storage capability to boot.

CCS Insight analyst Paolo Pescatore discovered that recording the first two Australian Grand Prix practice sessions in Ultra HD will take up a whopping 75GB of disk space.

sky q box watch formula one grand prixSKY

Sky Q offers high-definition content, but comes at a price

Taking this as a rough estimate, this means that recording the entire race weekend in Ultra HD would take up around 150GB of space overall.

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The starting Sky Q box comes with 1TB or 2TB of storage, however only the latter is able to handle 4K content.

This still means that one race weekend would take up around 8 per cent of the entire capacity – and with 20 races this season, that means anyone looking to store the entire 2017 campaign will need to investigate larger storage options.

 Enjoying the new 4K F1 content won’t be as simple as picking up your remote and tapping in channel 408

Sky already shows some football and latest movies in 4K but now it’s adding Formula One to its portfolio of channels.

However as Express.co.uk revealed earlier this week, enjoying the new 4K F1 content won’t be as simple as picking up your remote and tapping in channel 408.

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First you’ll need to be a paid up Sky Sports subscriber, then you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a compatible Ultra HD or 4K TV.

Older Sky+ HD boxes are incompatible with the new service.

Sky Q launched last year and offers customers a new way to watch TV.

Along with an updated touch remote, Sky Q also lets users watch five shows whilst recording a fifth and beam content wirelessly to other rooms via the new Sky Q Mini boxes.

Sky recently announced that all new subscribers would instantly get access to Sky Q with the firm removing the older Sky+ HD service from sale.

The firms also cut its cost saying it wants to make the next-generation satellite kit more affordable, and therefore, accessible to more consumers.

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