WhatsApp Android Update: Now select and send multiple contacts at once

Written by Kamil Arli

According to the Gadgets.ndtv WhatsApp will soon let you send multiple contacts in one go.

Whatsapp is testing a new feature that lets you send multiple contacts at once. Earlier, users were limited to send just one contact at a time, but now that limit has been revoked. This feature is showing up in the latest WhatsApp for Android beta version, and should roll out for everyone soon.

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Android Police was the first to spot this feature, and the report claims that the feature was introduced somewhere in WhatsApp beta for Android versions 2.17.122 or 2.17.123. This feature essentially works the same way as before, but instead of the restriction to just one contact, the user can now send multiple contact details or email details instantly. This eradicates the need to perform multiple actions on the app to send two or three contacts to the same person on WhatsApp.

You will have to stick to the ancient method of sending contacts individually

Of course, if you’re sending information to multiple WhatsApp users, you will have to stick to the ancient method of sending contacts individually. Interestingly, there appears to be no ceiling limit to the number of contacts you can send, and we were able to send over 100 contacts to one user simultaneously. The feature works the same way in group and individual chats as well. The multiple contacts are sent to the WhatsApp user in one box, opening which allows you to choose which contact info you can add to your smartphone, and which you wish to keep as is. This is neat as sending too many contacts at once could clutter your WhatsApp chat feed.

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Sign up for being a beta tester on Google Play

As mentioned earlier, this WhatsApp feature is still in beta stage, and if you wish to use it immediately, sign up for being a beta tester on Google Play. There is no word on when it will roll out publicly for everyone on Android or iOS.

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