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Who buys expensive watches and why people buy rolex?


Who buys expensive watches and why people buy rolex?

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The Moral Dilemma of Buying Expensive Watches.. Some Reddit user experiences are here:

Hi /r/watches,

I’ve been lurking on this sub for the past few months and stewing about my first ‘real’ watch purchase. I’m 21 and my most expensive watch is my $200 Eone Bradley (which I love). However, I’m considering spending up to $4000 on a watch at the end of the summer (probably a speedy pro).

The idea is that I would buy this watch to commemorate my first job offer, and I would definitely make enough money to pay for this watch and have a significant amount of money left over. At first, I was really excited about the idea of owning such an awesome watch, but the more I think about the purchase, the less sure I am of it. I just can’t help but think there are better uses for $3-4k.

I want a mechanical watch and I want to buy something truly worth having for a long time, but I can’t shake the feeling that it is a waste of money. I know I am asking a biased crowd, and I know there are people on this sub who own watches that are much more expensive (and those who don’t and still love their watches to death). How do you all justify your purchases and deal with the fact that the $6k you might spend on a Rolex Submariner could easily go to something more “important”?


-Dont buy it mate, if you can think of other things to spend the money on then do so. But remember there will always be something more important than a watch. End of day its your money. You don’t have to justify it. Why pay 10k for a car when a 2k car could be reliable and fine? Why buy a 3 bed house when you only need a flat? Why have that Starbucks when you van make your own? We do these things for the enjoyment. It’s the same with watches.

-Why pay 10k for a car when a 2k car could be reliable and fine? Came here to make this argument. Buy what makes you happy. I appreciate the retirement argument, but you could also be dead tomorrow. Savings, as with life, must be diversified. 😀

-That’s true. It’s all about balance in your life. I want a Tudor Pelagos. 3k. I can save 1k up front and pay the rest on 0% finance, which equals 50 pound per month for 3 years. Some people dont agree with this approach, but I have money in bank yo pay cash up front, but by paying monthly and keeping hold of my money it keeps me financially flexible.

-As long as you have 3k in the bank that isn’t savings before you start finance, I see no issue

-I see no issue anyway. Our society is debt driven, long as its manageable and you are personally happy with it then do what you want. Personally I would at the very least make sure the item I was buyings used value would cover the debt after your deposit was deducted. So 3k watch, put down 1k, need to pay off debt. Sell watch used for 2k. You lose your watch and deposit, but debt is gone.

-You can always make your own decisions, but I’m it’s talking about if it’s a decent financial move

-Yeah its all down to personal choice. Some people can only afford things they want by purchasing them this way. Whether that’s a car or a watch.

Some user comments from the

Red face Why do people buy expensive watches?

I can easily tell the time by just glancing at my phone

I was overhearing a convo one day and a guy was bragging about how he bought a watch for 5k….why would you pay that much for something that has no use and is outdated?

Get real people, we are in the digital era

A ferrari will go faster, stop faster, etc etc. A watch will be less accurate than your cell phone………………

Would you pay more for a fiesta than a ferrari? Then why spend $5k on a watch if you have a phone?

I have a few decent watches, strictly as accessories, I never even look at the time. Yes I’m a shallow insecure _____.


OP just because it’s the digital era, does not mean it’s a better era.

Also on a whole you are judged on everything.

I judge a person sitting in a meeting next to me or across from me and his watch is a factor.

How can you come in wearing a suit trying to do business and not have a classic watch on?

You will see as you get more into business and success…the old rules apply


I think I’ve found the answer.

Definition of snobbery: the trait of condescending to those of lower social status.

Some people are easily influenced by social status, the media, money, image etc., and so feel they have to exude a sense of wealth, trendiness, fashion etc., to fit in.

I get it, and in our society where we have sooo many first world problems, I can see why people would give a f*ck. But I don’t, thank f*ck. Each to their own, meh.



Are expensive watches worth it?


One of these watches costs over $500,000 and the other costs around $10,000. I would venture that most people would guess incorrectly. Is it worth it to spend the money on high-end watches?

Calen Riggs, Avid Watch Collector

48 Views · Most Viewed Writer in Luxury Watches with 30+ answers

Honestly, the answer to this question is all dependant on you and what you think a timepiece is worth.

Myself, who loves watches and collects them as a hobby, I know what they are worth. Luxury watches such as this Van Cleef Poetique watch that consists of a planetarium run on real time are all handmade and take a millennium to make. Switzerland’s labor force is expensive so that also tacks on a ton of money onto the price. Considering each of these luxury watches are entirely made by hand, I would say it’s worth their price tag even though this Van Cleef is only a cool $225,000.

Is this watch practical to you or in any way satisfying? That’s what timepiece ownership is really all about.

Here is my new Hamilton Automatic that is priced over a thousand dollars that I just picked up not that long ago. The simple face with the aesthetically pleasing blue hands caught my eye. The lightweight casing and the comfortable leather band was just a plus. But what I’m really paying for is the movement within and the strong history and quality Hamilton has was truly worth the price. Knowing I have a beautiful, yet simple handmade watch is what makes my hobby worthwhile.

Most people do not care for watches like I do. For me, finding the time on my wrist is easier than pulling my gigantic cellphone out of my pocket. I have a practical use for a timepiece. Other people are happy with a cheap watch or just their phone.

Buying an expensive watch is dependant on you. Whether you like it, have a need for it, or if you find the price worth it.

Dimitrios Michmizos, Neuroscientist. Philosopher. Writer.


Dressing up for other  people is never a good idea. One dresses (and accessorizes) according to how he feels about himself. Otherwise the sense of putting up a show every day would be hard to shake.

Nevertheless, a Wall Street financier once said about his Vacheron Constantin: “your watch is the car you an take into the boardroom. It projects success and financial trust. I use it as a business tool”.

Under this light, people who are not able to tell the difference between a steel Rolex  and a wonderful Audemars Piguet may not be your target audience anyway.

But let’s kick the car analogy a bit further: cars, they all take you frοm point A to point B but their image and style differ. And, when buying a car, one’s purchases should be well within his financial berth.
You would not go broke for buying a car you cannot afford now, would you? Why do the same for a timepiece?

Image and materialism are not goals on themselves. If you can afford a unique Jaeger or aBlancpain and happen to find one you like, by all means, buy it. If you can afford a beautiful Omega, then that is your timepiece. And if your price range is a well madeLongines, you can make it work as well.

Remember: you are wearing the watch; not the other way around.

Dan Metzler, Omega and Rolex collector


Yes, expensive watches are worth it. But no, I wouldn’t buy these particular watches. For $10,000 I’d get a plain Royal Oak or a Nautilus if I could find one. I like the thinner cases and cleaner dials; not a big fan of the Offshore.

For $500,000, I’d probably go for a Patek, an MB&F and an Urwerk, or a Paul Newman Daytona.

Those are watches that I think are worth their respective prices. Others might disagree. In fact, it’s obvious that many do, and that’s fine.

Also, side note, are you sure that’s. $10,000 Rolex? I’m pretty sure it’s way cheaper, but I could be mistaken.


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