Will Articuno finally show up in Pokemon GO?

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Pokemon GO fans are waiting for new Pokemon in the game. Currently, there are still some from Generation 1 that have not been released yet. These ones are classified as Legendaries, so it may take some time for them to come to the mobile game. There are talks that a Legendary, specifically Articuno, might show up on New Year’s Eve, but these are only rumors for now.

Will Articuno Finally Show Up In Pokemon GO?

According to Mic, fans have to wait for Articuno because the legendary Pokemon will not be present in Pokemon GO. The players are Niantic asking for this creature for quite some time. They want answers from the developer if this is possible.

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The players are requesting for Articuno because it is very timely to release a Pokemon who uses ice in order to defeat other monsters. There is still hope for the fans if the legendary bird will finally show up because there are still remaining days left before the year ends.

Niantic has added an increase spawn rates in Pokemon GO for other Pokemon such as Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. However, despite their wish for Articuno, they cannot wait for the upcoming surprises in the game.

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What Are The Other Features Of The Holiday Update On Pokemon GO?

As per Mirror, Niantic added Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Also, the players are given double XPs in the game. New Pokemon and more chances to get XP are the strategy of the developer to encourage its fans to walk despite the cold weather.

Niantic said on their website that it is very excited for what the players can experience in Pokemon GO. The developer promised the players that they will enjoy the holiday update of the game. The players can still enjoy the festivities in Pokemon GO until Jan. 3.

Pokemon GO fans are still waiting for some Legendary creatures that they can catch in the game. They are still waiting for Articuno, of course, but they have to settle with the Gen 2 Pokemon babies. Hopefully, they can settle with the added features in the game.

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