What will make the iPhone 8 stand out from the crowd?

Written by Kamil Arli

Tech Columnist Jay McGregor published an article on the Apple’s iPhone 8: 5 Features.

What will make the iPhone 8 stand out from the crowd? Battery life and camera are often the most important features to users, but there are a few other areas I’d like to see Apple improve on.

Looking over recent leaks it looks like Apple is planning to revamp some key features, but what else should Apple consider adding to its 10th smartphone?

Extreme wireless charging

The distance charging rumour didn’t, well, last the distance. But just because Apple has joined the Wireless Charging Consortium that doesn’t mean the Cupertino-based company can’t shake up the concept.

Just like with Apple pay, I’d like to see Apple partnering up with multiple brands to bring wireless charging pads to their respective shops. Wireless charging is still considered gimmicky, which means it hasn’t become an everyday activity for smartphone owners. Given the iPhone’s ubiquity, this could change very quickly. But for people to adopt wireless charging, pads need to be distributed across the world’s most popular venues.

Bigger, better Siri

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Siri needs work, especially in these competitive AI times. Whilst Amazon and Google are leading the way, Apple has taken a back seat. To gain the upper-hand, Apple could create Siri features that the competition lacks.

The most impressive would be an ability to change local settings with a quick voice command. Imagine asking Siri to quickly turn on Do Not Disturb, change display brightness or back up recent pictures to iCloud in a single sentence.

I’d also like more Siri support 3rd party apps and direct, voice only, shopping with Siri on the Apple store and other cooperating third party shops. See more of my thoughts on that here.

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Facial recognition

Facial recognition as a security feature for unlocking your device has its security benefits, but it’s notoriously un-user friendly. It kind of worked on the Lumia 950 XL (but also really didn’t), so if the leaks are accurate I hope Apple has ironed out the kinks.

The extra level of security 3D facial recognition provides, however, means you can do more secure tasks on your phone a lot faster. Banking apps can log-in with a quick eye scan instead of two or three step authentication, for example. A solid, secure and quick way to authenticate your identity could also mean completing applications for government ID – or anything else that requires high-level security – directly on your iPhone.

All-screen display

More screen display – and a lower bezel to screen ratio – is an obvious benefit for many reasons, but the biggest being that it will help convince big-display fans to convert to the smaller iPhone. Why? Because the lure of having a small device with a large screen solves the ‘I want a big phone, but don’t want a big screen’ problem.

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Significant battery improvements

Not just a slightly larger battery, or some mild performance improvement that adds a few extra minutes to overall battery life. But a serious, significant power boost that makes everyone stand up and take notice.

Fortunately, the new OLED display may do just that, with a logic board re-arrangement that stacks components on top of each to save space, which could mean a larger battery. Combined with the efficiency savings of an OLED display, we could be looking at the first serious battery improvement on the iPhone in a while.

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