If you’ve been eyeing the iPhone 7, your wait is just about over.

iPhone 7 will arrive in September

Apple hasn’t officially announced anything, but as we get closer to the event the information is seemingly leaking out of every corner of the Web. According to leaks multiple sources, including Evan Blass, the notorious mobile device leaker, Apple is set to start preorders of the newest iteration iPhone on September 9. As usual, Blass didn’t reveal how he got the information, so take it with a grain of salt.

That said, Evan is normally spot-on with his information and a highly-trusted source for those in the tech community, myself included.

In a tweet, Blass said:

Given what we know about Apple, preorders typically start a week before the product launches. This would suggest a timeline of September 16 for the release — a date that lines up with previous reports of an Apple event the week of September 12.


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