Tech Columnist Dave Thier published an article on 3 things ‘Pokémon GO’ could do for a Valentine’s Day event.

Valentine’s Day is coming, and with it we expect a new Pokémon GO event. Considering how long the team waited to tell us about other events, it’s not surprising that we haven’t heard details yet, but the clock is now ticking. It’s a big deal: events are even more important with Pokémon GO than they are with other games for the power they’ve shown in the past to reactivate at least portions of the game’s once-giant user base. We saw this with the game’s Halloween event as well as the slightly more lackluster Thanksgiving and Christmas events, all of which saw the game scooting back up the app charts as players signed on in search of better rewards. But what will this event entail?


Paul Tassi has suggested breeding, which would be great, but somehow I just don’t see that as likely. It sounds like something of an unwieldy system, and Niantic has proved hesitant to introduce major new systems in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love breeding to get involved, but it’s just not ringing my spidey-sense on this one. I could be wrong. Here, however, are three other things Pokémon GO could bring to the table for a Valentine’s Day event:

Increased Buddy Rewards: Because the love between a trainer and their buddy, while not (hopefully) romantic, deserves to be celebrated as well. Double or quadruple buddy rewards have been pretty effective in the past because they incentivize the most basic behavior the game has to offer: walking. The Halloween event remains the gold standard for events in the Pokéworld, and increased buddy rewards were one of the biggest reasons for me to get out and walk during that time


Lovely Pokémon: Again, we mirror the Halloween event here. It was a bit easier that time: “spooky” Pokémon are pretty well established, but romance among the original 151 Pokémon doesn’t come up a whole lot. Increasing spawn rates for certain groups of Pokémon is a good way to give an event a distinct feeling, and there are still some options for Valentine’s Day. Chancey is pink and generally affable, for example, so that could work. Niantic has shown an affinity for the original anime in the past, and Butterfree gets itself a somewhat romantic storyline in that one. The Nidoran family are the only explicitly gendered Pokémon in the original list, so that wouldn’t be a terrible option either. There’d be room for at least one joke in there too: maybe Golem is just an old softy.

More Effective/Longer Lasting/Cheaper Incense: Little has been done to alter in any way the premium items this game has to offer, but plenty of other mobile games kick off big events with discounts on similar items. Incense is one such item, and a temporary discount would be sure to spur investment from the more dedicated players. There’s something vaguely Valentines-ish about it, with its gently wafting pink cloud, and that’s enough for me to think it would make a good addition to a Valentine’s event. They lack the social component of lures, but they still have plenty of utility.


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