Producing content online is a really smart way to garner attention for your personal brand and your small business. By providing your expert input on issues that impact your industry, you are establishing yourself as credible and making an impression on potential future customers. Being found in a search engine is important but perhaps even more powerful is having others do your advertising for you by way of online word-of-mouth recommendations. By simply sharing something you wrote or produced, these third-parties are adding to your clout and your place as an expert in your field.

The bottom line: Make your content shareable, and you will see an increase in views and ultimately in revenue too. Here are a few ways to do it:

Add a “share this” widget. If a person really, really, REALLY liked your content he or she could copy and paste the URL and then open Facebook or Twitter and paste it in there. Most people, however, won’t go through all that trouble and will just move on. Make it really easy for readers and viewers to share your content by having a widget installed that allows a single click to post to their social media accounts.

Make content entertaining. Engaging readers and viewers, and in particular making them laugh, is a sure-fire way to encourage them to click that “share” or “retweet” button. Even businesses that are serious by nature can have a little fun from time to time – look at the success of companies like State Farm in using humor to boost their brands.

Use Facebook Authorship. If you maintain a blog, you can now add a clickable author tag that will bring readers to you. This means that when content is shared, people have an easy way to see more from you and can conveniently contact you. Again, if a person really wanted to find you based on something he or she saw on social media, it wouldn’t be impossible to do. Using Facebook Authorship makes it seamless though and improves your odds that people will find you.

Mention other entities. If you talk about a particular company or expert in your content, make sure you tag them when you post to social media. If you mention them favorably, chances are they will want to share your content with their own followings. You don’t need to make your content one unending advertisement, but alerting groups to the fact that you mentioned them is one easy way to ensure shareability.

How do you create shareability in your content?

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