In our latest infographic we show the importance of digital marketing to businesses today and the digital marketing techniques that marketers find most effective.

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What works best in Digital marketing today?

The State of Digital Marketing 2016 [Infographic]

To create it, we blended the latest research from the best sources for digital marketing consumer adoption stats with the results from our latest Managing Digital Marketing 2016 report. It’s structured in three parts:  The Global Picture of consumer use; a review of benchmarks across the RACE customer lifecycle followed by research on the most effective techniques for managing Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing success

State Of Digital Transformation AMENDED


Fundamentals of digital marketing

7 Fundamentals for Digital Marketing Success provides you with a simple method of developing the key competencies required for successful online marketing in your business. This helps you to cut a path through a sometimes overwhelming number of new skills and techniques involved in effective digital marketing, which if followed, developed and improved, leads to greater and greater success with online marketing.
1st Fundamental – A Flexible Website
The 1st fundamental is the need for a reliable and flexible website, which allows you to manage your content effectively in-house.  With tools like WordPress available companies can manage the most sophisticated website with low levels of technical skills akin to those required to use Microsoft Word.  This allows any business to publish content on the web with great ease and without the need for external costs and delays.
2nd Fundamental – Regular and Fresh Content
A 2nd fundamental is the need for regular and fresh content.  As we move more and more into a world where our prospective customers have the power to seek us out on the web, we need to leave content for them to find that will lead them to want to know more about our business.  Many businesses are not used to creating content on a continuous basis and we have found the most effective way for a business to generate good quality content is to introduce sometimes simple changes to core processes in the business that result in generating new content.  The content will need to be developed to connect with potential customers who are at different stages of the buying process.  The first fundamental is often not seen as important until a 2nd fundamental is understood and accepted.
3rd Fundamental – Building a Steady Stream of Visitors
The 3rd fundamental is building a steady stream of visitors to view the content wherever you have deployed it.  For example, you may have shot a number of videos that are deployed on YouTube, your strategy being to encourage people who have watched these videos to click through to your website.  You may have developed a series of articles which you add to your website or blog and optimised for specific keywords that you have decided to target.  It is easy to see why this 3rd fundamental is dependent upon the 2nd fundamental being started.
4th Fundamental – Marketing Automation
The 4th fundamental is to attempt to engage with people who express an interest in what you have to sell by capturing their details and taking them through a multi-step nurturing process that educates them enough so that they understand the benefits and know how to buy from you.  This is best managed in some form of marketing automation system that can automate some of the follow-up required to improve conversion effectively.
5th Fundamental – Developing a Social Face to The Company
5th fundamental is to develop a social face to the company.  This might involve participating in one or more of the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  It could also be achieved by posting videos on YouTube or writing blog posts which draw the attention of a crowd because of the value of what you write to the readers.  The purpose of this fundamental is to encourage people you develop relationships through these channels into some form of marketing process that increases the chance of them doing business with you.
6th Fundamental – Implementing Monitoring and Tracking Systems
The 6th fundamental is to embrace, implement and use systems that will help you monitor and track all of the interactions your customer base have with you and your company.  This will probably start off with tools like Google Analytics being used in conjunction with your marketing automation systems.
7th Fundamental – Well Optimised Conversion Processes
The 7th and final fundamental is in some ways about optimising the processes in your business to maximise conversion.  The process of nurturing your relationship with a 1st time visitor through to them becoming a customer will normally take time and go through multiple stages.  Mapping out that journey and how it will unfold and what you present a customer at each stage to move them to the next stage, is useful piece of work because doing it, you can also decide what conversion rates you expect to achieve as you go through the process. Over time, you can test elements to try and optimise those conversion rates.


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