It’s no surprise that the iPhone 6 is widely popular — it’s packed with features that rival all other smartphones. We, as wanted to help you make the most of your iPhone 6, so we compiled this list of seven iPhone 6 smart tricks.


Take Photos While Shooting a Video

Another fun trick of the iPhone 6 is that you don’t have to stop recording a video to take a picture. Instead, you tap the white shutter button near the video start/stop button on your screen to freeze a frame of the video. The photo won’t be as high resolution as a normal photo because it uses the video sensors rather than the true photo sensor, but it will still be much better than a screen capture.

Quickly Insert Symbols When Typing

Even if you’ve owed an Apple iPhone 6 for ages, you probably aren’t using the onscreen keyboard to its fullest potential. For instance, there’s an easier way to insert symbols than tapping the 123 button, selecting your symbol, and then tapping the ABC button at the end. iPhone developers have made it possible to insert symbols in one gesture. You simply tap and hold the 123 button, slide your finger to the symbol you want, and release. Then, your keyboard automatically goes back to ABC mode. Another fun iPhone 6 keyboard trick is that you can shake your phone to undo the previous keystroke.

Customize Your Do Not Disturb Mode

Putting your phone in Do Not Disturb mode is a great way to ensure that you’re not interrupted during something important. However, this makes some people worry that they will miss an emergency call. Therefore, the iPhone 6 allows you to customize your Do Not Disturb mode by allowing exceptions. For instance, you can choose always to allow calls from people in your favorites list or to let a call go through if it is the second time someone has tried to call you within a few minutes. You can also customize ringtones and vibrations for your Do Not Disturb mode.

Set a Sleep Timer for iTunes

If you’re one of those people that likes to fall asleep to music, this iPhone 6 trick is perfect for you. If you forget to turn off iTunes before you fall asleep, it will still be running when you wake up in the morning. To prevent a drained battery, you can set a sleep timer to turn off iTunes at a specified time by using the clock app. There is an option to choose what happens at the set time, and you can select “Stop Playing.” Your music will fade to silence.


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