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We rely on the Internet so much. Our computers and smartphones are attached to it. Even things we didn’t think would be connected to the Internet are now connected — security cameras, lights, thermostats, door locks, TVs, and more. Not only do these smart devices make living more convenient, they also play a huge role in home security but at the same time they might make your home more vulnerable.

CUJO – Business-Level Internet Security For Your Smart Home


According to, Hackers and cyber criminals have been attacking the Internet for years. But the rise of smart devices has made entry into homes and private information even more convenient. Large companies and sites including Lenovo, Sony, and the controversial Ashley Madison website have been targets as have products like baby monitors and refrigerators. They’ve all employed some form of Internet security, but they were all hacked.

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Cujo was launched as an answer to these challenges. After launching onIndieGoGo they’ve managed to raise more than 300% of their goal in 7 days. They offer simple to use business-level security that you can use in your home.

Cujo is a device you can add to your smart home. Unlike other smart devices, it doesn’t physically do anything. Instead it focuses on virtually protecting your home from cyber threats.

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How does it work?

Cujo Router

1. Cujo Connects To Your Router

The router is your home’s gateway to the Internet. All the data coming and going passes through this one little device. There’s just one big problem with that — traditional routers do not filter data so virtual threats are welcome to infiltrate your devices.

Cujo is a simple solution to that problem. Simply plug Cujo into your router using an Ethernet cable and it adds security to your virtual gateway. As data passes through your router, Cujo filters through and eliminates threats.

Some of the threats Cujo scans and blocks are:

  • Malware– The term Malware is short for malicious software. Most malware is acquired from visiting infected sites or downloading infected files. It is then used by cyber criminals to gather sensitive information or spy on a computer.
  • Viruses– Viruses are malware but with the ability to execute and replicate into other computers. Most viruses that infiltrate your computer comes from the Internet. What’s worse is that they can travel through your router to other connected devices. Which means all your computers and smartphones at home could be infected. Viruses can cause your devices to malfunction.
  • Phishing– Phishing refers to any attempt to acquire sensitive information like usernames and passwords, or credit card details often for fraudulent reasons. ‘Phishers’ do these by setting up fake websites with domains almost similar to genuine sites, or by sending you an email with a link which will then ask you to provide your credentials. Victims are sometimes robbed, hacked, stalked, etc.
  • Hackers– Hackers can access your devices remotely. Scary? I’d say so. For example, through a hacked IP camera they can easily watch you and your family. They can even control your devices without physically interacting with it.

2. Mobile App Gives You Control

You don’t have to be home to protect your home network from threats. Cujo’s app is designed to help you monitor and control your network anywhere you are.

Using Cujo’s app you can see which devices are connected to your router, get alerts when a threat is detected and blocked, or manage your Cujo. You’ll need to manage Cujo as it offers rule-based protection (much like your Firewall) aside from automatic threat detection.

3. Cujo Improves Overtime

Virtual threats evolve both in number and strength. Can Cujo keep up with that? That remains to be seen. However, it is designed to improve overtime with the help of machine-learning technology.

This technology allows Cujo to gather information about virtual threats a home is facing. Cujo uses this knowledge to prevent the same kind of threat from affecting all its users. Also, Cujo’s database of malware, viruses, and threats will be constantly updated to offer protection even against the newest threats.

Can it detect and fight off 100% of threats? No. No single solution can single-handedly protect your home from all virtual threats. It is our responsibility to employ certain measures to improve virtual security. And it is my hope that hardware makers will straighten up and pack more security into the devices themselves.

Bottom Line on Cujo

Cujo is likable and has a worthy cause though it’s not the first device to attempt to protect the internet of things. iGuardian started down a similar path last year. The actual iGuardian was absorbed by Itus Networks maker of the WiFi Shield. Where WiFi Shield includes a free lifetime subscription, Cujo does not and that may or may not be a good thing.

Cujo charges $8.99/month or $89/year for you to use their service. The subscription will be used to continuously enforce the latest security practices and to keep your network safe from newer threats.

Their reason is valid, and it is completely understandable. However, I don’t think adding a device to your smart home which requires a subscription is the best idea and it is not the right long term approach toward protecting the internet of things. Besides, you will still have to employ local security practices like installing an anti-virus to your computer as Cujo only scans and protects your network, not your PC. Also, keep in mind that backing a crowdfunding project is always a risk. If you are willing to take that risk, you are welcome to visit their Indiegogo. If you do so early enough, you might be able to get in on early bird specials including free service.

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