Parents are quickly adopting modern ways to safeguard their kids. In this technologically fast world, it makes sense to use technology to keep you and your family safe. Parental control software provides a number of ways to keep your kids secure from the monsters of the new world.

After using a number of applications I settled on one and that is FamilyTime Parental Control App. It is apt, easy to use and has lessened a lot of my parenting worries. Here is a detailed review for FamilyTime app.


What is it, exactly?

It is a parental control app for iOS and android devices. After the installation of the app, a quick sign-up makes your account for FamilyTime. After that, you have to download the app on your kid’s device and activate it. This gives you full access to your child’s device and its features. You can get installation and activation guidelines from their website.

Features – At a Glance

The good thing about this app is that it doesn’t have just one feature but a number of facilities within a single application.

Web Monitoring

Parents can monitor the web activity of their kids. You get access to their browser history and bookmarks. In this way, you can know which websites they use frequently. It is also a wise way to detect any unsafe websites which contain adult content.

Location Tracking

Stay posted about your kid’s whereabouts throughout the day. Get notifications and panic alerts with full location details. Check location history and keep them from going to insecure places.

Limit Screen Time

Lock their phones in important times like bedtime, homework time and meal times. Make customized rules for their phone use as well. Keep them from developing health issues by limiting their screen times. Enjoy quality family time with them.

Content Filtering

Filter out adult content like porn websites, movies, and applications etc. Permit only age appropriate content to show on their devices.

Call and SMS Watch

Keep a watch on their contacts, calls and text messages with time and date details. Detect untimely calls, suspicious callers and petty texting.

Block Apps

Restrict the use of dangerous applications that promote sexting and bullying. Block addictive games and social media apps.

Get Notifications

A totally handy way to make sure your control measure is actually doing well is to stay updated about it. You can get alerts and notifications if they try to use restricted contacts or apps.


This app is available at affordable prices. They give you three days free trial and afterwards you can choose a plan of your suiting.

Customer Care

Customer support is readily available with live chat. They help in best possible way and provide for the customers need.

Make a smart choice!

I hope my review for FamilyTime has given you some insight about parental controls and how it provides the best care. Kids are adventurous and risk takers. They sometimes can’t make wise decisions for themselves. The dangers of the changing world are complex and big. It is better to be prepared beforehand. The modern way to deal with them is to adopt digital parenting and FamilyTime proves to be an appropriate solution.


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