Saturday, December 3, 2022
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‘Google for Work’ is now ‘Google Cloud’ and ‘Google Apps for Work’ is ‘G Suite’


After a report from The Information a few days ago claiming that Google would be ditching the Google for Work brand today, Google has officially announced that their business-oriented service will now simply be called Google Cloud.

This actually isn’t the first time the platform is being rebranded — you may recall it used to be called Google Apps for Your Domain a few years back. Obviously, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but it’s possible Google may be targeting a wider audience by deemphasizing the ‘work’ aspect from the name.

One of the more important components of Google Cloud is the collection of apps that make up Google Apps for Work, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and a handful of other popular products. In the same vein as Google Cloud, this suite of apps is now fittingly called G Suite, and Google has taken the opportunity to sprinkle in a few new features as well.

Improvements to Google’s products include making relevant files more readily accessible in Drive, scheduling a meeting at a time that works for all invitees in Calendar, using natural language processing in Sheets to figure out complicated calculations, dynamically offering layout suggestions for Presentations, and many improvements for teams.



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