3D videos has never been more easy to watch. Introducing KDX, the world’s first glasses-free 3D touch screen technology. Constructed to be incredibly useful yet with reasonable prices, this revolutionary technology gives you easy access to 3D videos.

In CES 2017, KDX has brought intelligent HD Glasses-free 3D Solutions. There were brand-new glasses-free 3D products such as 3D smart phone, 3D Pad, 3D TV, 3D Multi-Screen Wall, 3D Digital Signage, Interactive Whiteboard etc…

KDX is changing the way we look at the world…



KDX is the world’s only one that owns the full set of 800 different 3D patents and 3D industry chain. Kangdexin Composite Material Co., Ltd. (KDX), which was founded in August 2001, is listed on the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. With the business strategy of building sustainable ecosystem based on new materials used in various industries, KDX has five major business segments including laminating materials, optoelectronic materials, carbon fiber composite materials, intelligent display, and Internet application. As an international business group, KDX has 6 production bases, 9 research centers, 30+ subsidiaries, and worldwide distribution network.

Exclusive interview with KDX Vice Presidents at CES 2017…

  • Biao Zhang (Vice President of KDX 3D display business group)
  • Gang Li (Vice President of KDX application business group)

Can you please mention about your brand and history?

KDX is a company founded in 2001, 16 years ago. We have a revenue over 1.5 million dollars last year. We serve in 4 major basic industry. KDX is the worldwide leader in glasses-free 3D. And we are the first to integrate everything together. You can make a good 3D without glasses, but we also manufacture all the other parts. We have different factories in the category. KDX is not just a 3D manufacturer. We produce magic mirror, digital touch technology etc. We connect them together for the customers. You can connect and use everything together in a good combination. We focused on the development and innovation of smart high definition glasses-free 3D display technology from the aspects of technology and content, etc. the 3D technology and the consumer experience are of revolutionary subversion and innovation.

What makes KDX in leading position within the sector?

 kdx-interview-2I think we do have a good technology, in all parts of 3D. We manufacture all and we can bring everything together. There are many people working in the same areas, but we are connecting them together for a bigger ecosystem. Kangdexin has a number of processing technologies like optical design, ultra-precision mold processing, membrane forming technology, material development, universal cylindrical lens technology, 3D full lamination technology, 3D evaluation and measurement system, image interleaving software, eye tracking software and eye multi view software, etc..

What makes your 3D TV’s so special? What are the other specifications of your 3D screens?

The main difference, number one is no glasses. Number two, I think we try to integrate any solution, video, game all together. We also use software and hardware together. We actually doing everything at the same time. We are the world only company to provide complete set of 3D technology. We have 800 patents in 3D. That is the largest in the whole world. Through technology authorization and independent research and development, Kangdexin has become the world’s only holder of the patent with a whole set of 3D technology and has more than 800 patents and patents authorization with a unique technical strength and core competitive advantage. At the same time, the company joins hands with Philps and Dolby to build the world’s strongest glasses-free 3D industry alliance.

One of the most important things KDX do is world’s first glass-free 3D screens. Can you give me more detail about glasses-free 3D solutions?

Now, KDX has applied glasses-free 3D imaging technology with high definition in its products, including smart phone, tablet computer, TV, display, notebook and so on. Besides the functions of 3D video-playing, 3D picture-enjoying, and 3D video game, there are other functions, such as, the service of human eye-tracking, 3D image-shooting with high definition, 3D depth adjustment. The technology is gradually applied to many industries and fields, such as, 3D video, 3D game, 3D building, 3D ad, and virtual scene. And the application of the technology provides consumers new perception and experience.

Which industries can benefit from your glasses-free 3D solutions?

kdx-the-only-global-3d-industry-chain-manufacturerLook at the medical sector. When surgery, 3D technology can improve accuracy 40 per cent. 3D without glasses- doctors love it. 3D screen for every doctor can be amazing. In advertising, they are very eye-catching. Attention rate for the 3D advertising is 8 time higher than the others. Third area is education. For education system we have large 3D screen. You can control 85 inch 3D display. Teachers can navigate. Many many areas can benefit from 3D technology. Some of these are:

Media entertainment: Film and television, game animation, image conversion, image terminal and image management…
Cultural education: Publicity display, educational video, visual equipment, special education terminal…
Commercial application: Broadcasting media, advertising, the output equipment of image processing, outdoor advertising screen, online shopping…
Electronic devices: Mobile phone, computer, TV, camera, multimedia display, smart home system…
Medical service:Operation monitoring, medical diagnosis, remote medical treatment…
Aerospace science and technology: Space training, space exploration, scene simulation, military exercises…

With all the improvements, KDX has become the supplier owning production and technology development of optical film materials with glasses-free 3D, optical design, smart player software, special image processing chip, and providing the whole ecological chain with fitting craft-work and content.


  • Gang Li (Vice President of KDX application business group)
  • Biao Zhang (Vice President of KDX 3D display business group)

What is KDX doing to save its leading role in the industry?

We are spending lots of money to research and development to save the leading position in the industry. The budget for that is over hundred million dollar. KDX does not only have research facility in China it also has in US and Europe. The company does not stop at the glasses-free 3D, it will make prior arrangements for the next generation stereoscopic holographic display technology in the center of Light Field Display. Making use of the Ostendo light field display technology, it is possible to realize the most real suspension-type stereoscopic holographic display in the future.


KDK is changing the way we look at the world. What other products do you manufacture?

Magic mirror, museum 3D screens, smart home, smart shopping, smart mirror, smart ad centers… Series of product also produced by KDX’s business group of pre-coating material include printing and packaging materials, a full range of environment-friendly laminating film, 3D grating film with high-precision, film equipment, 3D image products and so on. We also manufacture white boards for education. You can touch with 60 different finger. The main function from the others is that. There is not only one touch on screen. You can allow 30 kids at the same time. It has super touch capability. KDX uses very special touch technology.


What is the future of KDX?

The company does not stop at the glasses-free 3D, it will make prior arrangements for the next generation stereoscopic holographic display technology. Making use of the Ostendo light field display technology, it is possible to realize the most real suspension-type stereoscopic holographic display in the future. Until 2019 we will see all the smartphones and devices in 3D. And more with light film display, like hologram technology will be applicable to all smartphones in 2019. All the smartphones will use hologram system in the smart phones.

kdx-becomes-the-worlds-only-holder-of-the-patent-with-a-whole-set-of-3d-technology kdx-interview


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