Making a career in data science is becoming more profitable from year to year, with a mark of 210 billion dollars by the year of 2020, but more importantly, the demand for data science experts is going through a notable increase over the course of the last several years.

Numerous companies are opening job positions for data science experts, which is why more people are showing interest in this career opportunity. However, many data science courses available in the market either take months and even years to complete or are too expensive or time-consuming for professionals who would like to extend their skill set, but already have daytime jobs.

That is how Magnimind Academy located in Santa Clara, Silicone Valley, has compiled a team of data science experts who have created a course that takes only 6 weeks to complete with lessons that are specifically designed to help people with no or little experience in data science to master this skill.

Moreover, students who already have a background in IT, programming, web development and design, can apply for the course in order to learn data science basics and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge that should help them advance in their careers.

Why Choose Magnimind Academy Data Science Bootcamp?

Based on the statistics and the increasing demand for data scientists across numerous sectors and different industries, we are facing the fact that there are not enough data science experts to meet the demands, although the interest in acquiring knowledge in data science is also showcasing an upward trend.

Magnimind Academy managed to recognize the increased demand in this prominent career, which is why a team of experts has created a course that doesn’t take more than 6 weeks to complete.

What might be the most tempting part of the Magnimind course is the fact that the Academy offers personalized programs based on attendees’ backgrounds, so that every student can get the most out of the data science program.

As many students who have already decided to apply for the program and start the Magnimind data science course have daytime jobs, the course hours are reserved outside the usual working hours, so students can choose to attend the lessons during weekday evenings or during weekends.

One of the factors that makes Magnimind course different from similar data science programs is the case that all attendees that manager to complete the minimum of 80% of the course will get Magnimind data science certificate, fully prepared in theory and practice to bring value to their future endeavors and projects with education in data science they have acquired through the specialized program.

Yasin Ceran, Mudasser Shaik, and Murat Baday are some of the leading experts in the field of data science leading the 6-week course, alongside Admission Advisors who have the task of helping students find the most suitable programs for their personalized course.

Together as a team, these professionals have the goal of educating future data science experts, with the idea that even students without fundamental knowledge in data science, Python and Statistics, can successfully master the course and become data science experts.


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