With the internet as the world’s largest database of knowledge, individual learning and self-education is going through acceleration, which is how there are numerous online courses for different careers and professions.

One of such careers showing an increased demand for the past 4 years is data science, so the number of courses and the number of open job positions seeking for data science professionals is also recording a consequent increase in demand.

There are numerous courses divided in chapters that you can easily gain access to, allowing you to organize your time for learning in accordance with your full-time job and other commitments and tasks that you have on daily basis. 

However, these types of courses are often ineffective and lack appropriate tutoring as students need to educate themselves with little or no guidance, which is why boot camps are said to represent a more viable solution.

This is the case because, just like with Magnimind Academy Bootcamp, the course attendees have more opportunities to grow intellectually with the help and presence of instructors.

Magnimind Academy Data Science Bootcamp in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley in many ways represents the epicenter of contemporary industry and technological advancements, dictating trends across numerous sectors.

Moreover, data science is becoming one of the top career pursuits, as applied data science can create value through extraction of knowledge and data, making it a top demand across different industries and opening new job positions for data science experts.

Magnimind Academy is merging the well-known industrialism and innovation by which the Silicon Valley gained its worldly fame in order to meet the demand for education in data science, which is why the Academy started a data science bootcamp.

Magnimind data science bootcamp is specially designed by a team of skilled and certified data science experts who are running the data science course as instructors, providing all interested students with a unique opportunity to learn one-on-one with the careful guidance of their instructors.

Instructors play a major role in education, where in the case of Magnimind data science bootcamp, all attendees have the opportunity to communicate directly with their instructors, that way getting the most out of their lessons.

The guidance of professional data science instructors available for all attendees of Magnimind bootcamp has a major focus on enabling students to completely master the basics of data science, in theory and practice, regardless of their background.

The bootcamp starts with application and an interview where Admission Advisors are due to get in touch with students and help them choose personalized courses based on their previous knowledge in data science, where even attendees who don’t have any knowledge or practice in this area can sign up for a personalized course that lasts for 6 weeks. 

The Magnimind Academy bootcamp course offers complete attention and guidance from professional instructors who are available for questions and consulting during office hours, while the course is divided in 36 lessons and 18 office, divided in 6-hour lessons and 3 office hours on weekly basis.

At the end of the course, students who are able to complete the minimum of 80% of lessons will acquire Magnimind Academy data science certificate, successfully finishing the bootcamp with practical and theoretical knowledge in data science.   


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