DJI Drone Overkill Fixed

As drones become more prevalent and automated, we measly humans have started to think up better ways to take them down. For instance, the SkyWall drone defense system, which can drop a drone without breaking it.

Flying your jet ski into one of them, however, may be a little bit excessive.

DJI Drone Overkill Fixed
The clip comes from New Zealand’s Festival of Freeride, where videographer Guy Mac was able to capture the moment that destroyed the DJI Inspire drone – a drone which happens to cost over $3000. Of course, it was an accident, but that’s what makes it all the greater.

The Inspire may technically be the higher end model in DJI’s lineup, but maybe the drone pilot should consider switching to the Phantom 4, which comes with an obstacle avoidance system. Hopefully that covers flying water vehicles too.

It’s worth watching the rest of the clip above, just make sure to wait till the end for the key moment.

Yamaha New Zealand Festival of Freeride 2016 [Vimeo via Gizmodo]


Source: The Next Web


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