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Happy Saturday, ProBlogger readers! What a huge week it’s been (and an even huger one next week is on the cards!) we announced Dan Norris as a keynote at our upcoming ProBlogger Event (with a very cool video), and also revealed there will be a larger focus on podcasting than in previous years – it’s really come into its own for bloggers in the last few years.

I also loved Bryanna’s guest post on how to create a business to bridge you from your day job to your dream job – so practical and such a great idea!

How to Publish 6 Posts Every Week | Medium

It’s a noble quest, but according to Jon Westernberg, entirely doable (with tools). How many posts do you aim for every week?

4 Tips for DIY Career Success | Potential Psychology

Being a blogger or an solo enterpreneur can sometimes be a lonely road – and a busy one, as we’re often doing many roles in one. See how Ellen catapulted herself into business and how she’s made it a success for the last 14 years.

The Getting Things Done (GTS) System For Bloggers | Aliventures

Because if we are working on our own, we need a strategy. Long-time ProBlogger contributor Ali Luke knows what it’s like and has shared a system that works.

Reddit Introduces User-Blocking Tool to Fight Harrassment and Trolls | TechCrunch

Reddit’s rudimentary blocking system gets a much-needed update. But is there more you think social platforms could be doing to curb this behaviour? Who do you think has got it right?

Snapchat for Business: How to Reach Millennials Through Storytelling | Social Media Today

I haven’t seen this much activity on Snapchat since it first started. Seems like plenty of people who dismissed it originally are coming back around. Is it something that works for your audience?


Don’t Quit Before the Whistle Blows | Michael Hyatt

I’ve been talking to plenty of people lately disillusioned with blogging and where it’s taken them (or more accurately, where it hasn’t taken them). Sometimes we need a bit of a redirection when morale is low, but it isn’t always the best idea to quit even if we’ve fallen over.

Facebook Unveils New Live Video Features | CBS News

The time as come! Not just for verified accounts or celebrities, but actual live broadcasts for everyone, wherever they are. How will you use it? (especially because we know Facebook will favour these live videos in the newsfeed!).

11 Microsoft Word Hacks You Won’t Know How You Lived Without | Mashable

If you have to do a lot of typing (and formatting, my nemesis), you won’t want to miss this. How-tos for just about everything you need to do every day.

Why Now, More Than Ever, SEO Is Not Just About Google | Moz

I always forget there’s more to search engines than Google, and now that there’s so many more ads above the fold (which I tend to scroll past, I don’t know about you), it’s easy to see that plenty of people are using plenty of other alternatives. Don’t forget them in your SEO approach.

A Brief Guide to Using Analtyics to Grow a Following on Instagram | HubSpot

A slideshare from a recent webinar takes you through what metrics to pay attention to, and how you can use those numbers to boost your audience.

See you next week!

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