Go to The Home Depot and you’ll find yourself in a vast building full of tall shelves featuring hundreds of widgets, gadgets and geegaws. It can be overwhelming for anyone just looking to buy a stud finder.

Look for it on the the company’s app, though, and you’ll find an interactive map that’ll lead you right to the product. You can also visit the store on a Saturday and sit in on a workshop designed for The Home Depot’s army of do-it-yourself homeowners, builders, artisans and customers. Both the workshops and the app exemplify the company’s vigorous emphasis on customer service.

Pete Krainik, founder of The CMO Club, chats with The Home Depot CMO Trish Mueller in “Above the Clutter With Pete Krainik” to learn about the company’s motivations. Along with executives from IBM, the two discuss solutions, tools and technologies that top marketers rely on to cut through the clutter of viral links, hyped-up posts and jargon that can distract the unfocused marketer.

“We spend so much time worrying about how to market what we’re doing that we don’t spend the time inside the building socializing and marketing the contribution we’re making and building respect,” says Mueller.

Above the Clutter: Episode 1

The Home Depot: Don’t buy into your own BS

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