The listed the top 10 social media Analytics Tools.

Tracking and reporting social media analytics used to be a hurdle for digital marketers – now the problem is finding the ideal tool.


The market is filled with different platforms, ranging in niche, effectiveness and user experience. And due to the recent Topsy shut down, more social media managers than ever are searching for a suitable alternative.


Before we list the best 10 tools, it’s important to define social media analytics for those new to the field (if you’re a veteran, please feel free to skip this section):

What is Social Media Analytics?

Instead of thinking about social media analytics as a noun, think of it as a verb.1Specifically, it’s gathering data from social platforms to help guide your marketing strategy.

This process begins by prioritizing business goals. For example, your focus may be to double the number of new visitors to your website.

The second step is determining key performance indicators (KPIs). In this case, your chief social media KPI would likely be based on engagement stats. These can be broken down into:

  • likes and shares your posts receive
  • replies and comments
  • (most importantly) clicks your links and content earn3

By collecting this data, you can figure out how social media factors into meeting your business goal. From there, you can keep going in the direction you’re headed or adjust your approach.

Now that the definition is clear, here’s our list of the top social media analytics tools:

1. Keyhole

Keyhole - Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools

Use Keyhole to measure, in precise detail, a brand or trend’s impact on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Giving you access to an intuitive and shareable dashboard, it tracks hashtag, keyword and campaign metrics in real-time. These include reach, impressions, periods of high activity and more.

You can also leverage its data to lead your influencer outreach efforts. Clicking the dashboard’s Influencers tab will reveal information surrounding accounts that have the highest reach and interaction numbers. To boost your engagement, identify important accounts in your niche and re-share their most popular content.

Give it a shot:

Price: $89 – $3,000+ USD per month

2. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse - Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools

This image was taken from the AgoraPulse homepage.

Operating in multiple languages, you can use AgoraPulse to track enhanced engagement analytics across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Along with standard metrics, the platform ranks users who frequently share your content and notifies you when your pages and profiles have1 been mentioned. This information, combined with community management stats such as message response rate, will help guide your social outreach efforts. Plus, you can export analytics graphs onto a PowerPoint file.

Price: $29 – $199 USD per month

3. Brandwatch

Offering a suite of tools that work across major social media platforms,Brandwatch is perhaps best used as a research suite. It provides1 information about the markets you own and want to enter, such as demographic data about gender and occupation. You can even monitor your brand’s reputation in real-time, seeing if users are posting positive or negative messages about you. Best of all, the data is accurate – Brandwatch filters spam and duplicate mentions.

Price: Contact Brandwatch to discuss a unique plan

4. Buffer

Buffer - Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools

As a comprehensive social media scheduling tool, you can log in to Buffer to see the engagement numbers for your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn posts. Based on these metrics, it also identifies your top post of the day. But keep in mind, Buffer only tracks the posts you make through its platform.

Price: Free – $2,550 USD per year

5. BuzzSumo

You can depend on BuzzSumo to track the top social content in your niche. Simply plug in a URL, phrase or keyword into the search bar to see who’s sharing relevant content on each major social platform. You can then use the tool to promote your material, as it identifies the most influential sharers to reach out to.

Price: $99 – $999 USD per month

6. Crowdbooster

For a quick and simple Twitter and Facebook analytics tool, many marketers choose Crowdbooster. Through an intuitive and customizable dashboard, you have access to real-time engagement data that exports to Excel. The tool also makes recommendations about when to post, who to engage and how to improve your interaction efforts in a weekly performance summary.

Price: $9 – $119 USD per month

7. Edgar

Edgar - Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools

Edgar automates social scheduling, storing content you collect in a library based on categories such as tips and blog posts. As you make a schedule based on these categories, Edgar creates a never-ending queue that automatically cycles through your library week after week.

But the tool also tracks your engagement metrics, helping you optimize your schedule based which types of content generate the most interaction and when they should be shared.

Price: $49 – $99 USD per month

8. Google Analytics

What’s there to say about Google Analytics that hasn’t already been said? As the clear top choice for analyzing website traffic, it’s also ideal for evaluating certain social media metrics. You can use it to measure the value of traffic coming from social sites, determining how visitors behave and if they convert.

Price: Free – $150,000 USD per month

9. Hootsuite

Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard. On top of scheduling posts and aggregating content, you can use its analytics tools. The platform not only tracks standard engagement numbers, but measures your team’s performance. For example, it records resolution times for customer service issues.

Price: Free; advanced plans vary

10. Klout

Test out Klout to quantify your influence on each major social platform. Giving you a mark out of 100, it grades you based on your ability to engage and drive action. You can see on which platforms you’re most influential, giving you an idea about how to successfully interact with your audience.

Price: Contact Klout to discuss a unique plan

11. Little Bird



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