Nov14Email marketing is dead! …at least that’s what some corners of the Internet would like you to believe.

But take one look at the numbers and you’ll find that email marketing is not a dying breed. In fact, it remains one of the strongest channels for driving sales.

A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association found that 66% of consumers recently made a purchase as a result of an effective email marketing message. That’s more than direct mail, social, telephone, or mobile advertising.

How well does your business use email marketing to reach your customers? Could you do more to target your leads and prospects using email? If you want to get the most out of this proven marketing channel, here are seven secrets to put into practice today.

1. Know who you’re writing to.

These days, your recipient receives hundreds of emails in her inbox. Many of these emails come from companies like yours trying to sell her something new. If the offer isn’t personal, you can bet she will ignore your message.

To stand out in your customer’s inbox, you need to research and get familiar with your audience. Mass messaging gets ignored, deleted, or reported as spam. Targeted marketing messages get read, shared, and talked about. The latter is what will make your email marketing a success. MailChimp makes personal email marketing easy.

2. Ensure your emails are easy to read on mobile devices.

We live in a fast-paced world. Your recipient is busy. Make her life a little bit easier by making your email easy to read wherever life takes her.

When your emails are easy to consume, your reader is more likely to spend some time with your messaging. Use an email marketing program that’s mobile-friendly.

3. Test your subject line.

The subject line is paramount. It’s what entices your reader to click “open” instead of “delete.”

Test your subject line by sending a few different versions to small sections of your audience. When you find the one that performs the best, send the remaining batch to your entire list.

4. Decide on a core purpose for your email.

The most effective emails are the ones with one core purpose. Are you advertising a sale? Are you trying to get more readers to your blog? Do you want your recipient to call you about something specific?

Decide on one core purpose for your email and keep it simple. Include any more than that and you’ll dilute your message.

5. Offer something your reader can’t refuse.

Once you determine the core purpose of your email, make your reader an offer she can’t refuse. Write a compelling call-to-action at the start and end of your email. The more enticing the offer, the greater your email marketing success. Give this careful consideration.

6. Measure your campaign successes.

The numbers behind your campaigns paint a realistic picture of what works and what does not. Measure your campaign success to understand what resonated with your readers. Then, tweak your future campaigns to get more from each message you send.

DataHero integrates with MailChimp, Salesforce, Pardot and other programs to make campaign measurement easier. Simply link your accounts to create dynamic charts and analyze your marketing campaign results.

Don’t lose out on lucrative opportunities by neglecting this popular communication channel. With these tips you can maximize your email marketing potential and earn the conversions you’ve been waiting for.

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