Thought you’d heard the end of news surrounding Samsung’s Note 7 recall? Wrong. As the company continues to push distribution of replacement devices worldwide, there are a growing number of user complaints that the new devices are still having battery issues, just of the less explosive variety…

A report from South Korean TV news network YTN (via WSJ) cites multiple incidents of new, presumably safe devices, which are apparently having issues with accelerated battery drain or difficulty when charging.

The company has not confirmed the number of cases reported so far, but a spokesperson did state that the problem is “unrelated to the batteries” and confirmed that the company was looking closely into all of the reports.

In one case, a user claimed that his Note 7 was draining its charge very quickly and wouldn’t charge properly, gaining only 10% through an entire night of charging. YTN tested that same device and found that it discharged from 75% to 49% in a matter of just 39 minutes.

For now, these cases seem to be limited to South Korea and Samsung has also stated that they are isolated incidents related to mass production. If this turns out to be the case, great. However, if this ends up occurring on a wider scale, Samsung could be in some serious trouble with its reputation and with consumer confidence in its devices.

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