ProBlogger site design before and after

Welcome to the newly redesigned ProBlogger!

If you’re a regular reader of ProBlogger the changes to the site will be pretty obvious, but I wanted to take a few moments to describe some of what’s changed, the story behind the changes, and reveal a little of our next steps (there’s a lot more to come).

ProBlogger started as a fairly personal blog about my journey to make a living from blogging back in 2004, and since that time it’s grown far beyond even my wildest expectations.

Since 2004 we’ve published almost 8000 blog posts, but have grown ProBlogger to include an annual event, a podcast, a book, a series of eBooks, and a Job Board.

While a first-time visitor to ProBlogger might think that this just happened, longer term readers will know that this growth has been a real evolution. As a result, ProBlogger has become something of a challenge to manage with the brand being spread across multiple domains, having multiple designs, and numerous WordPress installations (as well as some custom designed backends).

Of course on top of that is an array of Facebook pages, groups, events and other social media accounts!

I often describe ProBlogger as being like a home that has had extensions put on it rather than an architecturally designed home.

The dream has always been for a purpose built design but as the years have gone on this has become a more and more challenging task.

Step 1 of a New ProBlogger

This redesign is the first of numerous steps towards pulling the many aspects of ProBlogger together to be a more cohesively designed home for everything.

We decided to start with the biggest part of ProBlogger (the blog) and so largely what you’re seeing today is just changes on that part of ProBlogger, but you will also see a new look that will be extended out across the other parts of ProBlogger in the coming months.

Portals: To Help You Find the Help You Need Fast

You’ll also notice that we’ve introduced some changes to the way that you navigate ProBlogger with what we’re calling our ‘portals’ of information on some of the key areas that our readers come to the site looking for help on.

There are now portals to help you:

ProBlogger Portal Pages

On each of these portals you’ll find a video introduction to the topic from me, some suggested reading, recommended resources, and our latest content from the blog and podcast.

New to ProBlogger? Start Here

There are a few new pages on the site also including a new Start Here page.

These portals will continue to evolve and we may add more once we see how they’re being used by readers.

More Changes to Come

In the coming months more changes will follow this new blog design rollout.

Our next tasks will include:

  • a complete redesign and overhaul of the back end and features of the ProBlogger Job Board
  • moving all of our web properties onto the one domain at (the podcast is already there)
  • redesign of our podcast and events sections (to reflect our new colours and design)

We’re also working on some new content strategies for ProBlogger. In the lead up to our event in September we’ll be introducing you to a number of subject matter experts who will become regular contributors to the blog and podcast – each with their own field of expertise. You’ll see less one-off guest posts, and more from this small and carefully selected team.

We’re also working hard on some new resources to help you lift your blogging to the next level. Stay tuned.

Find a Bug? Help Us Improve

Lastly – we’d love your help in bug testing our new design. As you’d expect with a blog with almost 8000 posts there is a lot to test and we’d love your help! Please let us know here if there’s something that looks broken with as much information on where you see it and what it looks like to you.


PS: A huge shout out to my team. Mario who coordinated the design, Laney and Grove who helped dream up the changes and have implemented so much and Stacey for all her work on our content strategy! Well done!!!

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